On Location Commercial Photography

We will come to your business for all of your commercial photography needs

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or the capacity to coordinate a complicated commercial photo shoot in a large photography studio.  You may have large equipment that can’t be moved, or a very specific product that is on a tight production and delivery schedule.  That is where CBI comes in. We will come right to your business on YOUR schedule and manage all of your commercial photography needs. Simple. Efficient. High Quality. 

Our Commercial Projects

commercial photography of detail at davis eye center
Davis Eye Center

Multimillion dollar equipment that is so large that it takes days to assemble. Very specific products that have tolerances that are so tight that temperature variations can affect them. Timelines that are days from initial production to shipment. Kyocera needed their commercial photography done on the spot

Davis Eye Center has taken years to reach a level of trust and expertise with their clients, they wanted their locations to reflect that connection. More than product photography, Davis Eye Center wanted their entire facility reflected for their online images. In addition, very large, expensive, and rare equipment required on location photography.