A Comprehensive Guide To Prepare You For Professional Headshots

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In this modern digital age, the way that you and your business are perceived couldn’t be more important. And your competitors are being even more creative in staying out in front of your potential clients. So going cheap on any of your marketing materials will only reflect on your business. When you partner with us to update the visual representation of you and your business, you will have one of the most experienced and trusted headshot and business portrait photographers in Cleveland. 

On this page, I want to share my tips for professional headshots and business portraits. From best locations for headshots, what to wear for your professional business portraits, to grooming suggestions. I will ensure that you will be viewed as top in your industry. 


Best Location for Headshots and Business Portraits

Unlike traditional headshots, I do all of your headshots and business portraits on location. That means that I will come to the location of your choosing for your convenience.  I have done headshots at my clients place of business, their office and in their homes. Any location will work. And, if you want an environmental business portrait (a picture using your place of business as an element, this approach to your headshots it perfect.  


What Should I Wear for My Headshots?

A headshot is a visual representation of how you want to be perceived by your clients. That should be your starting point when thinking about what to wear for your professional headshots. 

For a greater variety, I always recommend that you have a number of different outfits. These can be in your normal business attire or you can change to a more formal or casual dress. To goal is to be able to present you with as much variety and choices so that you can make the best decision for your business needs. 



Being well groomed is always recommended for picture but especially when you art getting your professional business portrait. Getting a haircut, being freshly shaved, making sure your make-up us just right, are all things that are recommended. There are things that you want to avoid when considering your grooming for your headshot. 

  • Do not go tanning for the first time the week of your scheduled headshot. You skin needs time in the booth or sun to adjust. Sunburn is not a good look
  • Do not do your make-up for pictures in a way that you wouldn’t normally do it.  You want to look like you look normally, just enhanced. Contrary to some opinions, your make-up does NOT have to be any different than normal for pictures. 
  • Do not get a straight razor shave the day of your headshot if you’ve never had one before. There is nothing like treating yourself to a hot towel and a shave. But skin is sensitive and could react adversely to the straight razor. Get it done a few times a month or so prior to your scheduled business portrait to give your skin time to acclimate to the process. 
  • Do make sure that you have a fresh haircut and are clean shaven  on the day of your head shot. If


Taking the proper steps before your professional headshot will ensure that you will have a successful photo session. Be sure to hire a professional photographer and consult with them for their input, as well.